Tour dates:


20.10.15 CH-Zürich - Bar Rossi

25.10.15 A-Wien - Arena

28.10.15 Konstanz - Kulturladen

29.10.15 Augsburg - Soho Stage

30.10.15 Stuttgart - Keller Klub

31.10.15 Würzburg - Kellerperle

03.11.15 Köln - Yuca

05.11.15 Dresden - Altes Wettbüro

07.11.15 Bremen - Tower

12.11.15 Ilmenau - BD Club

13.11.15 Bayreuth - Alte Schkldnfbrk

17.11.15 Regensburg - Heimat

18.11.15 Frankfurt - Das Bett

19.11.15 Kassel - Goldgrube

25.11.15 Hamburg - Nochtspeicher

26.11.15 Leipzig - Täubchenthal




Take four lifelong friends, from multicultural backgrounds, put them together and add endless united energy, create a brave new sound that defines modern rock music, call them KYTES and yes here it is… something that is real…music that’s played. A band. The sound of KYTES has its roots in strong dance like beats, catchy guitar riffs and electronic sound beds. Vocals that take you by the hand, guide you to another place, bring you back safely, and then leave you with the feeling you need to ride the rollercoaster again, cost what it may. It is a return trip. Sound is colour, sound is art. KYTES paint with sound.



Vocals, glowing like the sun, fire and heat, warmth, protection.



Drums, the earth, the bottom, the foundation, the rock, the blood.



Guitars, the colour that fills and contains all the holes others leave, not only in form but in concept the skeleton of the band, holding all the movable parts in sync, providing the backbone for the music.



Bass, without it we perish, suffocate, it ties all the other elements together, it is life itself.



The collective, ocean. heaven. space. tranquility. Everything. Everywhere.


Can you hear the colours?


Michael Spieler | vox & git

Timothy Lush | drms & lyrc

Kerim Öke | git & syn

Thomas Sedlacek | bass & syn

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