Tour dates:


07.11.15 Kantine, Ravensburg, DE

11.12.15 Das zimmer, Mannheim, DE

23.12.15 M7, Schwäbisch Gmünd, DE

05.01.16 Muffathalle, München, DE

28.05.16 Gute Zeit Festival, Konstanz DE



The sun is shining, sunglasses are on, while staring at the clear sky, a warm wind breezes through the air... with the deep blue lake down below. Waves tickling your toes, while enjoying a cold beer. The whisper of the wind in the background, blends together with the sound of the waves and a strong groove coming from the speakers. This atmosphere has an absolute soothing effect and induces this strong feeling of peace and happiness. „It's all good!“ Lakechild is a german deep house music project, consisting of Dominik Wassermann and Nicolas Böttger, founded in 2014. Their mutual passion for electronic dance music and lakes (the German equivalent to the seaside) brought these two guys together. It was with all this in mind that Lakechild was born.


Both guys have a thorough background in classical music (piano and French horn) and these influences are still very much a part of their music. It was while they were still studying for their masters degree in Berlin and Zurich that they produced their biggest hit so far ("Diskostrand“) which sparked their new career. Other productions include an official remix for Lana Del Rey’s song „Black Beauty", the official remix of Angus & Julia Stone's „Grizzly Bear“ and an official remix for swedish singer and songwriter Cajsa Siik. With those few defining tracks under their belt, not only did they achieve international success, reaching the #1 spot on Hypem, but they also caught the attention of labels and signed to the emerging Berlin based Record Label Tanz Dich Glücklich.


When asked why Lakechild decided to make music and what they are trying to achieve, their only response was: „Music is...what migrates from one man's heart to another!“ A story which leaves the door wide open for many more chapters to come in 2016.


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