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"Tanz Dich Glücklich“ is German and means “Dance Yourself Happy”. Excusez-moi?! Oh, yes! We are striving for happiness and the perfect „ear-foot-connection“. We want to tickle your ears, grab your feet and make you feel happy on the dancefloor! Good news, we have a guarantee for this specific feeling: German DJ and Producer LEEX. This young man will be your travel guide and main attraction on your allinclusive-happy-tour visiting tropical sound beaches where you move to housy ocean breezes and dance barefoot in the sand. The name of the game: TROPICAL HOUSE – perfect summer soundtrack and LEEX’ home base. Proved consequently and highfrequently with his tropical house tracks and remixes, providing utterly new Caribbean soundscapes.

He was addicted to music quite early. When he was a young boy, he started out with classical piano lessons. Later on, he got a crush on his new Midi-Keybord and fell in love with house music.

Until today, this love has steadily grown. When LEEX turns the knobs and produces beats at night (his favorite time to work), he dreams about making people happy and dance to his tunes. If you let yourself fall into his deep house trips to the Caribbean,

smiling while dancing along to them, you will know that sometimes dreams come true. His characteristics? Enthusiastic, obsessed (in a good way), down-to-earth. Whenever others party hard and pamper their DJ-egos, he will create his own artwork and continue to work on new sounds. There is no single day where he is not

making music, always in a good mood, highly motivated and super successful.

In 2014, his massive „Big City Life“-mix for MATTAFIX blew up digitally, followed by an official remix of Lana Del Rey’s „Black Beauty“. In 2015, he kicked it off with a juicy rework of „Strange Days“ by Mat. Mc Hugh, followed by an official remix of Marlon Roudette’s “Everybody Feeling Something”. LEEX also compiled the first official Tropical Compilation worldwide called “The Tropical Sessions #1”! Better be prepared, because there is much more to come!

If he turns his back on music once in a while, you’ll find him at the gym, simply because, as he says, being the master of tropical miracle you owe something to the crowd: besides playing great tunes, you gotta look damned hot in your Caribbean outfit or Hawaiian shirt!


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