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We love children! A wolfs child to be precise. That’s what the name WOLFSKIND means in English. Born in 1997, he is officially very young but musically so gifted that we immediately took over his career care.

A young and wild guy from Northern Germany who describes his style briefly and briskly with “fuck genres!“. He does not like boundaries at all, that’s for sure. But he isn’t planning on starting a “teenage-anarchy-fuck-you-riot“, either … he just wants to play! Whatever it is – deep, booming beats or happy saxophone tones, his sound has no limits. Sampling and mixing old Funk and Soul tracks makes his heart beat faster, and creating the perfect symbiosis between acoustic instruments and synthetic electronic sound, is pure bliss for him.


It all started out with conventional piano lessons until he got so fed up with boring classical tinkling, that he needed something more wild and exciting – like electronic music. Totally devoted, he pushed himself straight into success: In 2014, Tiesto supported his “Fallin’ In Love“-mix, and in 2015, Oliver Helden and Tiesto fell in love with his “Take Me To Church“-bootleg. You could, should and have to be curious what he did with Australian singer and songwriter Mat MacHugh’s song “Strange Days“, of which he took mixing-care in 2015 as well.


And, by the way, his bootleg of “Take Me To Church“ created a big fuzz with over 2 million clicks. Unfortunately, Hozier’s record label had it removed at some point. Sad news for his cheering fan base, but what a huge compliment for WOLFSKIND himself.

No worries though, it’s all good, his track has been put online again!


What else makes him tick? During his tour or while making music he will be looking into the fridge quite often. He won’t take out a thing; just that staring at food makes him feel comfortable. Once in a while, when he’s really hungry, he’ll grab something but always smell it first, regardless if it’s fresh or packaged food. Beer is his second true passion. You won’t see him drinking any upper class champagne or fancy vodka at his gigs. Give him a selection of local beer and he’s perfectly happy. After his spinning-work is done, he’ll be straight on the way back to his wolf cave wearing his

favorite cozy woolen socks...


Well, if these lovable little tics directly or indirectly contribute to his creative potential in order to captivate our ears at most ... we’re deep down with it, shouting out: “Keep it up, WOLFSKIND!“


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